Robinson Brothers has a long history in the manufacture of Mercaptocarboxylic acid derivatives, particularly the esters of 2-Mercaptoacetic acid (Thioglycolic acid) and 3-Mercaptopropionic acid.

Robinson Brothers is capable of manufacturing esters derived from a wide range of alcohols. We have particular know-how and expertise in manufacturing esters from low molecular weight, short chain length alcohols (including Methanol) to derive methylesters.

Our UK chemical manufacturing site is equipped with bespoke containment and abatement equipment for environmental protection, Robinson Brothers is able the manufacture high odorous esters such as Methylthioglycolate / CAS: 2365-48-2 - a regular product supplied at kilogram to multit-tonne quantities. Click here to enquire further. 

Using polyalcohols as typified by Pentaerythritol and Dipentaerythritol, Robinson Brothers is able to offer novel multifunctional polythiol esters which are of particular interest in polymers and resins industry.

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