Robinson Brothers can support projects at the laboratory scale right through to multi-tonne campaigns. All products are introduced through Research & Development (R&D). The first qualification for new product processes begins with trial batches in our Pilot Plant, which provides our R&D team with vital scale-up information and allows further optimisation.

Our UK chemical manufacturing site offers an R&D Laboratory, Kilo-Laboratory, Pilot Plant and large-scale manufacturing Plants. We can manufacture a 100g sample up to multi-tonne quantities at one site. For this reason, Robinson Brothers has become a dependable supplier for over 150 years to many industries across the world, including Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Sports, Electronics, Cosmetics, Coatings & Adhesives. Click here to learn more about the industries and applications our products currently serve.

Our manufacturing plants are capable of operating between -5oC to 170oC at Pilot Plant and Production scale. Autoclaves are capable of achieving temperatures up to 170oC and pressures up to 70bar. Vessel capacity varies from 25L to 13,500L across our multiple manufacturing plants, and associated ancillary equipment including vacuum pumps, gauge tanks, filter driers are capable of being vented under negative pressure to the thermal oxidiser and abatement plant. Product isolation is conducted in segregated solids handling facilities – typically having Rosenmund Guedu enclosed filter driers. Our final product packing areas are equipped with laminar flow booths.

Working alongside our sister company Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd we can also provide early stage development capabilities from grams to kilograms. This partnership allows us to synthesise new chemical entities to support early-phase R&D programs and custom synthesis projects. All-in-all, we can take your project from conception to commercial production with the same personnel and expertise to manage your account.

Contact us to find out how our highly-skilled R&D teams can make your next project our latest success.