Agrochemicals are used to increase the productivity of crops, by supplying the nutrients they need and protecting them against various diseases without harming the surrounding environment.

Robinson Brothers has more than 150 years of experience in manufacturing the raw materials and advanced intermediates used to create this type of chemical. Our key products include:
•    Piperidine / CAS: 110-89-4
•    1,3-Cyclohexanedione / CAS: 504-02-9
•    Methylthioglycolate / CAS: 2365-48-2
The applications of these materials vary, with one of the most common end-uses continuing to be fertilisers that ensure optimal crop growth is achieved when it cannot be attained naturally and pesticides that destroy any pests that could damage a harvest.

We are not limited to manufacturing these chemical intermediates, as we can offer bespoke customer synthesis of new chemical entities (NCEs) through our partnership with organisations in the agrochemical sector.

Through a single-company approach to development costs, Robinson Brothers can provide NCEs in grams to multi-tonne quantities via process scale-up, intensification, and optimisation methods, in order to meet customer requirements. To safeguard chemical operations, we always utilise in-house process safety testing and hazard evaluation methods.

We also provide comprehensive research and development services aimed at scouting the best scouting routes of synthesis for existing chemical compounds, alongside toll manufacturing with intellectual property (IP) and contract manufacturing with and without IP. Robinson Brothers place a high value on the IP of all of our customers, which is why we have strong protection and confidentiality policies in place.

Being an award-winning and market-leading chemical manufacturer, we continuously aim to operate in an ethical manner of business, while always putting the needs of our customers first. Contact us for more information.