At Robinson Brothers, we have a comprehensive list of specialty chemical products that we supply, from amines to xanthates, as well as extensive expertise in many synthetic organic chemistries, such as Amination and Thiolation.

Our high-quality products and chemistry have a wide range of applications in the modern-day electronics industry, which daily is growing rapidly across the world. The global light-emitting diode (LED) materials market continues to grow as consumers demand enhanced products.

We manufacture chemical intermediates for organic electronics, such as liquid-crystal displays (LCD) and organic light-emitting diode displays (OLED), as processing reagents and as metal surface modifiers. The key products we currently manufacture include:
Mercaptans (Thiols): Octadecyl mercaptan, Hexadecyl mercaptan, Eicosane thiol
Sulfides: Pentamethylene sulfide, Di-n-octadecyl sulfide, Di-n-hexylsulfide
Cycloaliphatic diones: 1,2-Cyclohexanedione, 1,3-Cyclohexanedione
Amines: Piperidine, N-Formylpiperidine, N-Alkylbenzylamines, N-Alkylphenylethylamines

Robinson Brothers is not limited to producing just the chemicals listed above and are able to offer a full custom synthesis, contract and toll manufacturing service to suit the specific requirements of our customers. Depending on your needs, Robinson Brothers has the manufacturing capability to offer fine chemicals from a kilogram to multi-tonne quantities. Contact us for more information.