The use of oxidation chemistry at Robinson Brothers has a long history, and continues to be a key stregth in our compences.

Our inherent ability to handle Sulfur containing species and highly hazardous reagents safely and in compliance with regulation has lent itself to further downstream chemistries such as oxidation. The following oxidation systems are currently used at Robinson Brothers:

  • Peroxide H2O2
  • Hypochlorite NaOCl
  • Hypobromite NaOBr
  • Selective metal catalysed Sulfur oxidation

In addition to these oxidation techniques, Robinson Brothers have also converted Toluene derivatives to the corresponding benzoic acids utilising air and metal catalysis.

Utilised predominantly in batch process systems, oxidation represents an important facet of our technology offering both options synthetically and when pacifying waste streams. Continuous processing is always an option for highly exothermic oxidation processes and our links with academia, Britest and our own in-house engineering capability can provide innovative options if required.