Robinson Brothers is one of the UK's largest independent manufacturers of speciality and fine chemicals. We offer a wide range of custom manufactured intermediates on a commercial scale from grams to multi-tonnes, all produced to the highest possible quality and environmental standards.

Our technology is built upon a long established expertise in catalytic hydrogenation and organo-sulfur chemistry. Today we offer extensive range of sophisticated chemistries by handling challenging reagents, such as: Carbon disulfide, Chlorosulfonic acid and Phosgene. In addition, our unit process portfolio includes Diels Alder and Freidel Crafts reactions, vacuum distillation and cyclisations to produce heterocyclic molecules.

Robinson Brothers can rapidly scale-up processes and products as necessary from laboratory grams to kilograms in Kilo-Laboratory and/or Pilot Plant facilities, and thence in a Production Operations Plant to multi-tonne quantities. We have a culture of continuous improvement, which is implemented by our Process Improvement Group and is an approach that consistently delivers demonstrable benefits to our customers.

We currently hold a portfolio of over 100 chemical intermediates. This has resulted in Robinson Brothers becoming a dependable supplier to customers across several industry sectors including: agrochemical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and automotive markets. Our expertise in challenging chemistry has enabled us to offer contract manufacturing services to organisations who may not have the required facilities/capacity to meet their product manufacturing needs. In cases where a route of synthesis is yet to be developed, our Research Chemists can carry out process development studies to initiate custom synthesis projects.

"We are a EFCG Member"

Robinson Brothers is a member of the European Fine Chemical Group (EFCG), part of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) founded in 2004 to give European fine chemical manufacturers a forum and representation.
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