Our day-to-day tasks will always include the use of at least one rubber item. The tyres on the car you drive, the soles of the shoes you wear, the elastic band you use to tie together an open sweet bag – all of these items are rubber based.

The method in which these rubber items are manufactured may differ, however, they require similar elements to give the properties we take for granted; the stretch, the durability, the strength. This is where accelerators and polymer chemicals find themselves.

Rubber accelerators initiate vulcanisation – the method in which cross-linking occurs between polymers to create a network of polymer chains; using sulfur as a cross-linker. Vulcanisation speeds up the rubber manufacturing process, and creates additional properties to the rubber compound. At Robinson Brothers, our portfolio of chemicals used in both dry and wet rubber applications plus additional polymer additives (part of Robac Technology division) are used in a variety of rubber products.

With a growing concern about the impact of chemicals used with rubber products, such as baby teats, children’s toys, there is a continuous need for research and development of safer alternatives. To meet this demand, Robac Technology provides technical expertise, a fully functional chemical research department, polymer additives development equipment, analytical and rheological equipment to successfully meet your needs in compound development and property improvements.

Robac Technology products Robac AS100 and Robac Arbestab Z are used as accelerators to produce rubber or latex goods, which comply with the BS EN 71:2016 Safety of Toys Standard and BS EN 12868:2017 Child Use and Care Articles Standard for N-Nitrosamines and N-Nitrosatable substances.

Robac Technology has a history of working with clients to find suitable vulcanising agents. Our partners often require these specialty chemicals to be produced in widely different quantities, ranging from grammes to multi-tonnes, and it is crucial to their success that they can rely on us to produce and deliver these products as and when they need them. Contact us for more information about our Robac Technology rubber accelerators portfolio.