Robinson Brothers has more than half a century of experience in the manufacturing of the raw material and intermediates needed to produce pharmaceuticals.

The pharmaceutical industry performs an important function and is an asset to the world's economy, which means it needs quality materials to build on. Processes are predominantly focused on research and development using a variety of sophisticated technology.

As a speciality chemicals manufacturer, we work closely with a range of companies based in this sector to develop agents that can be used in common medicines and treatments. Furthermore, Robinson Brothers has significant experience in providing alternative components that match or exceed existing properties, but facilitate a more efficient manufacturing process.

Our key chemical intermediates include:
•    Piperidine / CAS: 110-89-4
•    1,3-Cyclohexanedione / CAS: 504-02-9
•    Thiazolidine-2,4-dione / CAS: 2295-31-0
•    N-Benzylmethylamine / CAS: 103-67-3
•    N-Benzylethylamine / CAS: 14321-27-8
•    N-Benzylethanolamine / CAS: 104-63-2
•    N-Benzyl-tert-butylamine / CAS: 3378-72-1
•    Methylthioglycolate / CAS: 2365-48-2

All of these can be used in a variety of pharmaceuticals as either a raw material or chemical intermediate within a route of synthesis, meaning there are numerous end-applications for each product.

Our core competences allow us to offer bespoke custom synthesis of new chemical entities (NCEs) for pharmaceutical intermediates, starting at grammes to multi-tonne quantities. Robinson Brothers is able to achieve this by offering seamless progression from research and development to commercial production.

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