In April 2008, Robinson Brothers Group acquired Endeavour Speciality Chemicals. Originally founded in 1991, Endeavour Speciality Chemicals is a specialist UK manufacturer of high impact aroma chemicals, with a core focus on sulfur and heterocyclic chemistries.

This has led to the company manufacturing chemical intermediates that can be used in a variety of industries, including: flavours, fragrances, material sciences and pharmaceutical research. Based in Northamptonshire, their UK manufacturing site is able to manufacture gram to kilogram quantities of organic chemicals.

Their expertise in high impact aroma chemicals had led to Endeavour Speciality Chemicals serving many flavour and fragrance houses across the world via exclusive distributor with Treatt – a global supplier. High impact aroma chemicals are used in general to provide ‘top notes’ to flavours. ‘Top notes’ are often defined as those aromas which hit the nose quickly and then dissipate. As well as contributing to the taste of a flavour, high impact aroma chemicals add considerably to the aroma of the flavour.

Manufacturing such high impact aroma chemicals requires specialist skills to carry out the chemistry required and also contain the powerful odors of the product. With over 25 years in producing high impact aroma chemicals, Endeavour Speciality Chemicals has invested heavily in containment and abatement facilities, allowing them to offer over two hundred high impact aroma chemicals.

Not limited to this, Endeavour Speciality Chemicals’ UK manufacturing site has a research and development centre that focuses on new product development – whether it being a new flavour ingredient, pharmaceutical intermediate or toll manufacture. Click here to learn more about Endeavour Speciality Chemicals.