Have you ever wondered how low-fat items still have a creamy texture? The presence of a flavour agent. Also known as high impact aroma chemicals.

Flavour agents can give you a great taste and challenge your senses to detect different textures. High impact aroma chemicals (HIACs) are used to provide 'top notes' to flavours, which hit the nose quickly and then dissipate as well as play on your taste senses. HIACs can be combined to create a range of different aromas, each with its own unique top notes to create an instant impact, such as the strong cheese and onion tang an individual experiences when they open a packet of crisps.

Flavours trends are rapidly changing to meet the consumer market. From the creation of cucumber gin, seasonal mulled wine, to selling a cone of bubble-gum ice cream in the summer – these trends are always changing! Thus, Chemists and Flavorists continuously look to develop and introduce high impact aroma chemicals to meet the consumers’ demand. HIACs can be used in countless ways and are only limited in their use, by the imaginations of the Flavorists, trying to excite us with even more tantalising tastes and flavours.

Robinson Brothers have been involved in the creation of speciality and fine chemicals since our inception, but we ventured into the high impact aroma chemicals in 2008 with our acquisition of Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd. The company, founded in 1991, specialises in manufacturing HIACs, and supplies its products and services to companies located across the globe. Manufacturing such HIACs requires specialist skills to carry out the chemistry required and also contain the powerful odours of the product. Thus, Endeavour Speciality Chemicals has invested heavily in containment and abatement facilities, allowing them to offer over two hundred HIACs from their UK chemical manufacturing site. 

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