Robinson Brothers has been involved in the creation of speciality and fine chemicals since our inception, but we ventured into the high impact aroma chemicals in 2008 with our acquisition of Endeavour Speciality Chemicals.

The firm, founded in 1991, specialises in manufacturing high impact aroma chemicals and supplies its products and services to companies located across the globe. They are used to provide 'top notes' to flavours, which hit the nose quickly and then dissipate. These chemicals are supplied to flavour houses - which are similar to fragrance houses that develop perfumes - to create the odours and tastes found in and associated with specific products.

High impact aroma chemicals can be combined to create a range of different aromas, each with its own unique top notes to create an instant impact, such as the strong cheese and onion tang an individual experiences when they open a packet of their favourite crisps.

The chemicals developed by Endeavour Speciality Chemicals are highly concentrated, meaning only a tiny amount is used in a flavour application. In fact, if a single drop of one of our most powerful high impact aroma chemicals fell into an Olympic-sized swimming pool, the aroma could still be detected.

Emerging markets, such as the Far East and Latin America, means that newer combinations are being explored, due to the fact that people living in these areas have different tastes compared to the already established markets.

High impact aroma chemicals can be used in countless ways and are only limited in their use, by the imaginations of the flavorists, trying to excite us with even more tantalising tastes and flavours. Contact us for more information.