Specialty and fine chemicals from Robinson Brothers have long been utilised within the pharmaceutical sector, but our involvement in the health and medicine industry has increased significantly in recent years.

Perhaps the most prominent use of chemicals is during the manufacture of surgical latex gloves and catheters, but natural rubber latex can cause Type I and Type IV allergic reactions such as delayed contact dermatitis. This is obviously a serious issue for health professionals. At Robinson Brothers, we are constantly looking to address problems such as this through the development of improved chemical components.

One such example is Robac AS100, which is an accelerator developed by the Robac Technology team for use during rubber vulcanisation. Because it does not contain any of the nitrosamine linked to Type IV allergies, it is considered to be a much safer alternative to the components used previously.

As with all of our products, each agent we provide for the medical industry complies with the European Union's REACH legislation. In addition, each application is required to secure regulatory approval from relevant authorities such as the European Medicines Agency, and we are persistently striving to produce cleaner, safer alternatives to any components that may prevent approval.

Case Study: Robac AS100 / CAS: 137398-54-0
Robac AS100 has proved particularly successful in the natural rubber baby teat and soother markets. Similar opportunities for growth exist in any body contact rubber products, including natural rubber surgeon’s gloves, personal protective equipment, condoms, catheters, mattresses, medical sheeting and tubing.

Robac Technology Arbestab Z and SAA30 can be used to manufacture articles with reduced levels of N-nitrosamines and potential chemical allergens while maintaining or improving physical properties of the vulcanisates. Whatsmore, Robac AS100 and Arbestab Z comply with the BS EN 71:2016 Safety of Toys Standard and BS EN 12868:2017 Child Use and Care Articles Standard for N-Nitrosamines and N-Nitrosatable substances.

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