Robinson Brothers R&D laboratories are staffed by a highly skilled team of Research Chemists with a wide range of synthetic experience. Our R&D activities focus on new product processes, process development, scale-up synthesis and process optimisation. Our Process Hazard Screening Laboratory is integrated within R&D. This ensures all new processes are screened rigorously for safety assessment.

To drive innovation, our R&D team is exploring new technology manufacturing method that is applicable to new and existing products. We have collaborated with academia and equipment suppliers to trial process optimisation and intensification studies. Robinson Brothers has built relationships with universities to explore new manufacturing routes, including: University of Birmingham, Warwick University, Loughborough University, Queens University Belfast and Aston University.

Robinson Brothers is currently exploring the use of continuous manufacturing for their production processes. Not only are reactions faster in a flow-reactor, but floor-space is significantly reduced. Along with hazards being reduced as reactions occur in a closed-environment; the quality of the material can be improved as there is less human intervention.

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We can assist your next project by offering the following:

  • Synthetic route development 
  • Process optimisation 
  • Process scale-up from grams to multi-tonne quantities
  • Full analytical support including HPLC, GC-MS, UV-Vis spectroscopy
  • NMR analysis can be provided, if required
  • Confidentiality and exclusivity

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