In partnership with our sister company Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd, based in Daventry UK, we provide early stage development capabilities from grams to kilograms, and are able to offer the bespoke synthesis of new chemical entities to support early phase R&D programs.

Here at Robinson Brothers, we can further rapidly scale processes and products as necessary from laboratory grams to kilograms in our Kilo-Laboratory and/or Pilot Plant facilities and thence in an Operations Plant to manufacture multi-tonne quantities. We support projects across the entire product life cycle; from early development through to sunset manufacture. For this reason, we have become a dependable organic chemicals supplier to industries across the world.

Our laboratories are staffed by highly skilled teams of PhD Chemists with a wide range of synthetic experience, being experts in process development, scale-up and optimisation.

Robinson Brothers take the safety of our workforce, that of our neighbours, and the protection of the environment very seriously. We have invested heavily in a fully equipped Process Hazard Screening Laboratory with full-time expert staffing, every stage of every process is rigorously screened for any reaction hazards and process safety prior to making first scale up in Kilo-Laboratory and/or Pilot Plant. Where necessary processes are reverse engineered to remove and mitigate any identified process hazards prior to first operations.

From our two UK sites, we can offer the following services, all of which are underpinned by our strong policies on Intellectual Property (IP) protection;

  •   Synthetic route development 
  •   Process optimisation 
  •   Process scale-up from grams through to metric tonnes 
  •   Full analytical support including HPLC, GC-MS and NMR
  •   Confidentiality and exclusivity if required